Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES DO YOU U-TURN and re-enter the circuit.

Track Time was started with desire to share safe and enjoyable motorcycle driving experience for everyone. And the best way to learn is to ride on a closed circuit with a one way traffic flow. A closed circuit provides a much safer environment than an open road, since there are no side roads where cars turn out and drive in the opposite direction – usually  towards you. 

Learning, driving, and racing on Track Time events you will feel safer then on an average main road here in Thailand.

But in order to ensure that safety – here are some important rules you must know before joining us. 

There are three main classes we distinguish in Track Time racing:

Novice – wearing a green patch

Intermediate – wearing a yellow patch

Specialists – wearing a red patch

Our experienced instructors will help you find what category you best fit in, and will provide you with advice and guidance as you prepare for your race.

Classes instructors:

GREEN / NOVICE: Jan Ducati
RED / SPECIALISTS:  Jesper / Wut

Jackets Color code:

Blue – Instructors
Orange – Safety crew
Yellow / Blue – Track Time Organizers

#1 – Behave
This is a Track Time day. It is not a Race-All-Day.
See this event as a gathering with racing moments.
Explore the track, enjoy the company of each other and be a gentlemen in your interactions.

#2 – No Booze
This rule is for everybody.

#3 – Helmet
If you are riding the motorbike anywhere on the grounds – you must wear a HELMET.
Otherwise push the bike.

#4 – Ride Your Own Bike
Do not swap bikes with other riders or those who are not registered for the event.

#5 – Entering the Track
There is only one place to enter the track.
Always enter in a group.
No solo entry on the track is permited during Track Time sessions.

#6 – The Pitlane
When leaving the track or moving to the pitlane – raise your left arm to signal that you are exiting.
If you miss the pitlane – go full circle around again. Under NO circumstance are you allowed to U-turn.
A U-turn on the track will endanger your life and lives of approaching riders.

#7 – Passing rules:

Riders can pass each other from the inside and outside.
A minimum of 2 meters between riders must be obeyed when overtaking.

If you cannot see enough space to overtake – please wait for a better oportunity.

#8 – Flags

Yellow flag = changed track condition

If the yellow flag is stationary = low risk, minor incident away from main line.
If the yellow flag is being lightly waved – proceed with caution.

Strong and fast waving of the yellow flag = extreme caution!
This means that an object or an incident is on your line of approach.

No overtaking is allowed during any yellow flag condition.

Yellow flag striped with orange = Signals the presence of debris or a slippery fluids on the track surface ahead.

Blue flag = a much faster rider is behind you.  ( Grab delivery is overtaking you. 555 )

Black flag = issue with bike or rider – THAT MEANS YOU!
Exit immediately to the pit lane come and go to see race marshal.

Black flag with orange circle = A technical problem with you or your bike.

Red Flag = An extreme danger!
Imediately pull off the track!

Red flag means emergency end of session!
It is not safe to continue. Get off the track immediately!

NO OVERTAKING IS ALLOWED under the Red Flag conditions.
Chequered flag = end of session – you won!

#9 – Incidents on the track.
If there is an accident , do not stop and help!

If you have a crash, move to a safe place.
Keep your helmet on and go to tyre wall with or without your bike.

#10 – NO Stunts
This means NO Stoppies, NO Wheelies and NO burnouts!

#11 – Refueling
No refueling in Pit lane or paddocks.

#12 – Starting a Session:
Line up in two lines.
Wait for the track entry signal.
Do NOT enter the track on your own!

#13 – Entering The Pit Lane

Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES DO U-TURN and re-enter the circuit.

Keep it Sporty and enjoy TT#9


• DOT Full Face Helmet (No Modular)

• One Piece or Zip Together Two Piece Leathers. 

  You can wear a textile one piece or two piece suit that zips together with protective armor in the Novice group, but we highly recommend wearing leathers.

• Motorcycle Specific Boots/Gloves (back protector recommended) 

• Clean Motorcycle (no leaks)

• Remove Fuses or Tape Off Lights 

• Remove or Tape Off Turn Signals and Mirrors

• Tape wheel weights 

• Tires with good tread depth

• Brakes with good pads and rotors 

• Chain lubricated with no kinks/Sprockets not worn 

• Bring a Great Attitude! 


Track Time Thailand does not provide medical insurance. All riders are responsible for providing their own personal medical insurance coverage. We are checking if there is a way to provide one for the track time. We prepare to make contact with the closest hospital and have an ambulance in the paddock in case of emergency.


We have a full time ambulance presence Paid by a major TT sponsor 

Full time ambulance presence on future track time events. 
Thanks to…

Fuel : 95 PTT FUEL can be obtained on the Parking 

Catering : Breakfast ,,,,,,, Lunch and Brunch 

Suggestions : Give to a member of the organistion  

Wifi on Kaeng Krachan is working 

Download official RACE CHRONO app…
RACE CHRONOKK on the race track library 

Lap timing is considered for rider group decisions for other events.

Please line up in two line entry to track gate at first session

Warm up tyres. 
No overtaking.
Explore the track.

Ready To Join us