This site and idea were born in the Hua-Hin area during the Covid-19 lockdown, when a small group of enthusiastic motorcycle fanatics got fed up with Toyota Hilux tailgating them on the public roads.

After some searching, we found a privately owned race track and decided to let loose for a few laps. By the end of that day, we were so excited that the idea was born to try and invite some more isolated motorbike riders and help them get rid of their pandemic stress.

Now Its all about Meeting riders and training a better riding style.
And so, “Track Time” was born.

Are you a motorcycle enthusiast with a need for speed? Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned rider, our Race Track Meetup on the first weekend of 2024 is the ultimate playground for adrenaline junkies like you! Meet Fellow Riders: Connect with like-minded enthusiasts who share your passion for motorcycles and racing. Swap stories, tips, and experiences in a welcoming and supportive community. Workshops and Coaching: Sharpen your riding techniques with expert-led workshops and one-on-one coaching sessions. Learn the art of control, speed, and precision. Enjoy the Festivities: Off the track, there will be food, and entertainment for everyone. Bring your family and friends for a fantastic day out. This is your opportunity to experience the thrill of the racetrack, whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned pro. Don’t miss out on the ride of a lifetime!

Ride safely, Never Drink and Ride!
Bring your Driving license for TT#9 Registration   

Saturday 06 and Sunday 07 January 2024
Public invited to try the Moto Gymkhana Parkour

Riding skills matter








And What We Stand For And How We Try To Be Different…and very open to all kind of suggestions….

  “Track Time Thailand” is a significant event within the realm of motorcycling, offering an invaluable platform for riders of all levels to hone their skills and enjoy the thrill of riding in a controlled and safe environment. The event caters to beginners seeking to gain confidence in handling their bikes, as well as intermediate and professional riders aiming to refine their techniques and relish the joy of riding. At the heart of this event lies a steadfast commitment to rider safety, ensuring that participants can ride with confidence and peace of mind. Here’s why this approach is pivotal and how it enriches the motorcycling experience:


The Significance of Safety-Centric Track Time in Motorcycle Riding :

  • Skill Progression: “Track Time Thailand” recognizes the varying needs of riders, from novices to seasoned pros. The event’s structured approach to track time empowers beginners to develop fundamental riding skills, while offering more experienced riders the opportunity to refine their techniques and push their limits.
  • Confidence Building: For beginner riders, a controlled environment like the private track provides a secure space to build confidence in handling their motorcycles. This confidence serves as a foundation for safer and more enjoyable rides on public roads.
  • Advanced Training: Intermediate and professional riders can extract immense value from the event’s track time to practice advanced maneuvers, experiment with riding styles, and enhance their overall riding prowess.
  • Safe Exploration: By taking riding to a closed circuit, riders can explore the capabilities of their motorcycles without the hazards associated with public roads, such as traffic, pedestrians, and unexpected obstacles.
  • Community Building: “Track Time Thailand” fosters a sense of community among riders of diverse skill levels. Sharing experiences, tips, and camaraderie enhances the overall motorcycling culture.


    Advantages of Safety-Emphasized Track Time in Motorcycle Riding:

  • Rider Assurance: With an unwavering focus on safety, the event provides participants with the assurance that their well-being is the top priority. This translates into a more relaxed and enjoyable riding experience.
  • Professional Oversight: The presence of experienced staff ensures that all safety protocols are adhered to, creating an environment where riders can focus on refining their skills without unnecessary worries.
  • Immediate Assistance: Having dedicated staff on-site means that immediate assistance is available in case of any unforeseen situations, reinforcing participant confidence and overall event security.
  • Skill Advancement: The combination of safety measures and professional oversight allows riders to focus on pushing their skill boundaries within a controlled setting, resulting in accelerated skill development.
  • Networking and Learning: Participants benefit from interacting with fellow riders, sharing insights, and learning from one another’s experiences, which contributes to a positive and enriching atmosphere.


In summary, “Track Time Thailand” is an event that transcends the boundaries of skill levels, providing a platform for riders to elevate their abilities and enjoy the sheer exhilaration of motorcycle riding. By placing safety as the foremost priority and enlisting experienced staff to oversee operations, the event cultivates a secure, supportive, and dynamic environment where riders can thrive and push their boundaries while maintaining the utmost focus on safety.

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