Track Time Thailand is thrilled to introduce Gymkhana, an exhilarating addition to our event that promises to enhance the overall experience for both participants and spectators.
In our ongoing commitment to inclusivity and enjoyment, we are proud to present Gymkhana as an engaging feature for those who prefer to relish the event from the sidelines

So, what does Moto Gymkhana mean? As you probably guessed, ‘Moto’ is an abbreviation of motorcycle, and ‘Gymkhana’ is a popular event for horse riders usually made up of speed pattern racing and timed games.

Simply, Moto Gymkhana is a time trial sport like no other. It’s all about completing maneuvers around a short circuit that restricted by cones or obstacles against the clock; it’s not all about speed, it’s about control.

It’s perfect for those who are looking to advance their riding skills but want to have fun at the same time. All the skills you learn; from slow speed turning to maneuvering around obstacles can all be applied to your real life riding.

PYLON Meaning

  • BLUE PYLON = Left Turn
  • RED PYLON = Right Turn
  • RED PYLON WITH YELLOW BAND = Right Turn Greater than 270°
  • BLUE PYLON WITH YELLOW BAND = Left Turn Greater than 270°
  • YELLOW PYLON PAIRS = Ride Between
  • YELLOW PYLON PAIR WITH WHITE LINE = Front Wheel Must Touch The Line


 The Rider

  • 1.1. License
    – All participants are required to produce a valid license or learner license for the bike they
    are using. Insurance cover is not required but highly recommended.
    – The organizer’s take no responsibility for damages or injuries which may be incurred during
    the event

    • 1.2. Apparel
      – All participants are required to wear full protective gear while on the course, as a minimum:
      1. Helmet (securely fastened)
      2. Leather or textile protective jacket
      3. Gloves
      4. Boots (no tekkies or any other soft shoe)

      • 1.3. Safety
        – Safety starts with you, you are responsible for y our own safety always.
        – Only marshals and the rider currently being timed are allowed on the track, no other
        rider/participant is allowed on the track at any point through the course of the day.
        – For the whole venue, including the paddock and parking, all bikes will be ridden slowly and
        cautiously at all times, and helmets worn any time a bike is being ridden.
        – Any rider/participant/spectator who performs any sort of behavior deemed by the Clerk of
        the course to be dangerous to others or themselves will be asked to leave the venue, riders
        will be given a time of 9:99:99 for the event.
        – No hooliganism: wheelies, stoppies, burnouts, or any other uncontrolled behavior at the


   The Bike

  • 2.1. Roadworthiness
    – All motorcycles will be subject to inspection before each event and will comply with all
    motorcycle roadworthiness requirements.
    – All controls must be lubricated and fully functional for smooth operation.
    – Any aspect which is not up to standard is grounds for disqualification.
    – Crash bars or frame sliders are highly recommended.

    • 2.2. Brakes
      – All bikes will have independent brake systems for front and back wheels, and independent
      of all other systems, unless that is factory specification for that bike.

    • 2.3. Tyres
      – All tyres will have minimum tread depth of 2mm.
      – No slicks allowed.

    • 2.4. Handlebars, levers and footpegs
      – All handlebar ends, levers, footpegs, and any and all other protrusions from the bike will be
      rounded off, in principal no less than 12,5mm diameter.

    • 2.5. Throttle
      – All bikes will have self closing throttles that do not stick in any way.

    • 2.6. Exhaust
      – No part of the exhaust may extend beyond the body of the motorbike.
      – The exhaust may not dispense oil, smoke, or in any way endanger the safe operation of the
      bike, or any other bike following or riding nearby.
      – Excessively loud bikes will be cause for disqualified until properly silenced.|

    • 2.7. Kill switch
      – All bikes will be fitted with a functional engine STOP switch mounted to the handlebars.


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